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You’re planning the event of your dreams…

You've picked the venue, selected the caterer, gathered your decorations, and finalized your guest list. It’s going to be PERFECT, as long as you also have the entertainment of your dreams. Your choice of entertainment is one of the most important decisions you can make when planning your event. Great entertainment can make your event, while "not so great" entertainment can turn your dream into a nightmare.

At Dreamscope Entertainment, it is our promise that we will not be just another DJ service. Instead, we offer a resource, an active participant, a confidant, and a friend to our clients. We pledge to be with you every step of the way in planning your big event. We will utilize our vast wedding and party experience, capitalizing on our resources within the industry, and building a relationship with YOU, our client.

How important is your Wedding DJ?

Consider This...
The DJ will be providing the soundtrack for every memory of your special day, his voice will narrate everything that’s happening, and their judgment and choices will be one of the biggest factors in whether your guests dance the entire night or make a run for the door. In other words, the DJ will be the one who creates your guests’ lasting impression of your wedding.

The job of a Professional DJ isn't just playing music...
Our job is setting the tone for your event, That means entertaining your guests, keeping events flowing, being a host to your guests, working with your caterer and photographer to make sure everything you planned for is captured and runs smoothly. WE help coordinate that FOR YOU and make it enjoyable for all in attendance. 

There are 2 things your guests will remember...

The two things every wedding guests remembers is the food and the entertainment. It takes many professionals to make your wedding day perfect, But only one to ruin it. Let Dreamscope put our experience to work for you! We'll meet with you in person and help you plan every detail of your wedding entertainment from the ceremony to the last dance and everything in between. We'll build a relationship with you, so that you are comfortable and can enjoy your day with no hassles or worries about your guests having a great time. And unlike many other DJ Services, you will get to know your DJ from the first meeting and feel secure in knowing that who you met, is who you get.

"Sticker Shock"...
It's very common when it comes to the cost of DJ service.  Do yourself a favor and honestly consider the total amount of money that you are spending on your wedding; the venue, the catering, the photographer, the decor, flowers, dresses, the cake, accessories, favors and all the odds and ends to make your day everything you want it to be.  Taking all that into account, your DJ expense is actually quite small in comparison, especially considering how IMPORTANT the DJ actually is. It truly breaks our hearts to see and hear brides talk about how they wish they’d spent a little extra money and had a professional DJ at their reception because they just didn't realize how important it was.

Every price quote from Dreamscope Entertainment is more than music, lights, and sound. It is a promise and a professional commitment to making your event everything it can possibly be. You deserve the party of your dreams, so take the first step to making those dreams a reality by calling us today. For booking information, call 240-577-1685.

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